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Work visit of the President of CGC Group in C?te d'Ivoire

Source: Date:2016-10-21

The president of the CGC Group, Mr HAO Jingye has carried out a visit to the projects achieved by CGC-CI in Côte d'Ivoire from 14 to 18 December 2015. Mr HAO was accompanied by Mr SHEN Qi, the Human Resources Manager and Mr JI Gefei, the Office Director. They visited the water supply project in Bonoua.

On 15th December, the President and Directors of CGC arrived on building sites in order to know the operation situation of Bonoua water supply project - Phase I completed in last March, including the water source regions, the water treatment plants of Bonoua, the water pressure booster stations of Moossou and of Port Bouet. The staffs of SODECI showed them the whole operation process of the automatic system in the centre control room of water treatment plant in Bonoua.

The delegation has also visited the new water resource regions of Bonoua water supply project - Phase II, as well as the new water treatment plants of Bonoua and the water pressure booster stations of Moossou and of Port Bouet in order to know about the progress of works. Mr HAO drank fresh water from the drilled well F5 on the site of the water source region in Abrobakro.

On the sites, President HAO encouraged all employees on behalf of CGC and exchanged with the sites leaders. He appreciated the quality of their work in the achievement of the phase I and also encouraged them to pursue an even higher quality in the phase II works. CGC-CI must ensure the security on the working sites and reinforce team cohesion. Mr HAO wishes that CGC-CI achieves success in the phase II of the project in such a way to expand the influence of CGC in Côte d'Ivoire as well as the influence of China abroad.

On 16th December, Mr HAO had a talk with the Minister of Economic infrastructures Patrck ACHI on the potable water supply of the main cities in Côte d'Ivoire as well as the progress state of Bonoua project - Phase II. The Minister has expressed his gratitude for the achievement of the Bonoua project - Phase I.

In the morning of 17th December, the CGC delegation has rendered an official visit to Mr TANG Weibin, ambassador of China in Côte d'Ivoire. Mr HAO has thanked the ambassador for his support to the CGC company. Further, he has also prensented the situation of the Bonoua project phase I and II as well as competitional advantages of CECEP(parent company of CGC) in the field of energy conservation, environment protection, used water processing, solar energy use, wing energy, etc... The President of CGC wished that the Embassy of China in Côte d'Ivoire would continue to support the development of CGC and CECEP in this country. The Ambassador, Mr TANG has underlined the importance of Bonoua project regarding the Ivorian welfare. CGC should continue working in the field of potable water supply, and at the same time reinforce the collaboration of other fields such as proper energy and used water processing with the Ivorian authorities, by relying on the competitional advantages of CECEP as he expressed by himself. Mr TANG has congratulated CGC for its performances in the potable water supply sector and for its contribution in the framework of friendship and cooperation between China and Côte d'Ivoire. The former prime Counselor Mr QIAN Jin and his supply Mrs QIAN Lixian have attended that visit.

In the afternoon, Mr HAO visited Mr SUN Liang, the Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of China in Côte d'Ivoire. During this visit, the Counselor has exchanged for a long time with the CGC President. This exchange focused on the potable water supply of the main cities of Côte d'Ivoire, the project on the waste power generation in the District of Abidjan, and other development projects. Mr SUN gave high praise to CGC work and wished that the latter would expand its market all over Côte d'Ivoire.