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Liu Dashan, the President and Secretary of the Party Committee of CECEP, Investigated Hangzhou and Suzhou Enterprises and Related Projects

Source:CECEP Central China Industry Development Co., Ltd. Date:2017-07-07

On July 4-5, Liu Dashan, the President and Secretary of the Party Committee of CECEP, went to CECEP Central China Industry Development Co., Ltd. (CECEP Industry Development) for investigation. Yu Honghui, the Deputy General Manager of CECEP, Zhu Qingfeng, the Deputy Chief Accountant of CECEP, Sun Hui, the Director of Technology Management Department, and Du Le, the Director of Capital Center, also attended the investigation.

(President Liu Dashan is visiting CECEP Xixi Center.)

(President Liu Dashan is inspecting CECEP Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Industrial Park.)

In Hangzhou and Suzhou, Liu Dashan inspected Xixi Center, West Lake International, Hangzhou Energy and Environment Industrial Park, CECEP Hangzhou Green Building Museum, CECEP (Suzhou) Environmental Protection Industrial Park and CECEP Eco-island Project and knew management and operation, investment benefits, etc. in detail. After hearing the report of leaders from CECEP Industry Development, Liu Dashan highly affirmed the achievements made by CECEP Industry Development and asked those people to summarize experience, make persistent efforts, plan the development direction of the industrial park at a new starting point, further increase the profit contribution rate, further expand the impact of going green and environmental protection, and make green construction stronger, better and bigger by focusing on the main business of CECEP. According to President Liu Dashan, CECEP Industry Development shall attach great importance to cultivate the core competence of design and development, strengthen design talent team building, enhance communication and cooperation with brother companies, and lay a foundation for enhancing the market competitiveness of CECEP Industry Development and promoting sustainable development. Moreover, it shall conscientiously summarize the practice of party building by focusing on and serving the center, further enhance the influence and cohesion of party building workstation in industrial park by combining it with building party member area of responsibility and example post, and play a leading role of central enterprise. It shall conscientiously implement the spirit of Eight-point Regulation and hold the bottom line of honesty and self-discipline.