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Signing Ceremony of MoU between CECDADI and MicroGen was Successfully Held

Source: CECEP Headquarters Author: Date:2015-09-14

On September 14, 2015, China Energy Conservation DADI Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd. (CECDADI) and Ireland MicroGen held the Signing Ceremony of MoU and established the cooperative relationship for promoting the cooperation and exchange of domestic and overseas bilateral environmental protection technologies and projects. Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and Paul Kavanagh, Ambassador to China; Wang Xiaokang, President of CECEP and Yu Honghui, Deputy General Manager; Thomas Rudy, President of MicroGen and CEO Liu Xuemei; Zhang Wenhui, General Manager of CECDADI; etc. attended the signing ceremony. In the signing ceremony, Liu Xuemei, CEO of MicroGen and Zhang Wenhui, General Manager of CECDADI, as representatives of both sides, signed the MoU.

President Wang Xiaokang, first welcomed the Ireland minister and others, congratulated the smooth holding of the signing ceremony and expected to further promoting the future cooperation in the aspect of environmental treatment and field of energy conservation and environmental protection of both sides by setting the strategic cooperation between the CECDADI and MicroGen as the starting point.

Minister Richard Bruton said that the strategic cooperation between CECDADI and MicroGen is of great help for establishing the effective information exchange mechanism and mutually providing and sharing information in aspects of environmental protection and technologies; and expected that both sides can establish and develop the long-term strategic cooperative relationship while further conducting in-depth exchange on technological issues.

MicroGen is an Ireland environmental bioremediation technology company, which is committed to provide clients internationally-advanced sustainable green, environmental-protection and low-carbon environmental management services as well as the project design and implementation of pollutant treatment. The cooperation between CECDADI and MicroGen is a good start. In order to strengthen the bilateral exchanges and cooperation, both sides, based on principles of “mutual trust, mutual support, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit and mutual development”, carry out comprehensive cooperation in aspects of soil and groundwater pollution treatment and remediation, engineering project management, etc. and actively promote the popularization and application of new technologies and equipment for environmental remediation in China by setting the reaching of strategic cooperation relationship as the starting point.