CECEP Held the Xiangyang Promotion Meeting for Project of Regional Centralized Supply of Renewable Energy in the Fancheng District

Source: Date:2016-06-20

Recently, CECEP held the Xiangyang promotion meeting for project of regional centralized supply of renewable energy in the Fancheng District. Chen Wei, the Deputy General Manager of CECEP Building Energy Conservation Co., Ltd., Du Yuji, the President of the CECEP City Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. and other relevant personnel were invited to the meeting as representatives of major central enterprises. Present at the promotion meeting were representatives of 12 units directly under the municipal and district government, including the Xiangyang Development & Reform Commission, Xiangyang Planning Bureau and Fancheng Merchants Bureau, and 13 enterprises of the major project of “Two Transformations and Two Relocations” in Fancheng District, including Hanshuihuacheng and Zhonghao International Commercial City.

During the meeting, Du Yuji gave a complete introduction to the system of regional centralized energy supply. The system is an air conditioning cold and heat source system which takes advantage of natural resources such as water, residual heat and solar energy to meet the demand of centralized supply of cool, heat and domestic hot water in the city buildings. Enterprises, business districts and residential areas where the regional energy system has been introduced can save 20% of the energy consumption and 30% of the energy input every year. In future, CECEP will invest and establish the project of distributed energy station in Xiangyang, which uses the surface water or sewage as the cold and heat source and adopts the technology of cool and heat storage of water to realize centralized supply (of cool and heat) in a district.

During the meeting, CECEP exchanged views with the representatives of the Fancheng District. The responses were warm and all the companies expressed their desire for deep discussions. Wang Ziliang, the Chairman of the Fancheng CPPCC, pointed out: “CECEP uses water of the Hanjiang River as the low-grade cold and heat source and provides buildings with cool and heat through the water source heat pump system, which not only meets the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also provides assurance for the construction of green demonstration buildings in Fancheng.”

At present, CECEP is conducting cooperation with projects of Xiangyangtianxia and Xiangyang No. 1 People’s Hospital. Li Na, the member of the CECEP City Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. introduced in the meeting: “taking the Xiangyang No. 1 People’s Hospital as an example, at present, it uses steam for heat transfer and heat supply and lithium bromide steam and water chilling unit for cool supply, which will cause a energy consumption cost of more than RMB 30 million a year. However, according to the adjustment scheme, the company uses the water of Hanjiang River as the cold and heat source. That is to say, in winter, the system extracts the heat energy of the River for heat supply of the buildings; while in summer, it extracts the heat inside the buildings and release them into the river, thus supplying cool. The annual expenses for energy consumption after adjustment will be reduced to about RMB 18 million.”

If the system is promoted completely in the Fancheng District, CECEP will not only give assistance to the energy supply in the constructions of “Two Transformations and Two Relocations” and new urbanization, but also lay a firm foundation for the establishment of national pilot area for ecological civilization in Xiangyang that leads in the Hanjiang River basin.