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Li Shusheng, Chairman of CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. Went to Delingha Gahai Wind Power Plant in Qinghai to Make an Investigation

Source: Author: Date:2015-04-13

On March 26-28, Li Shusheng, Chairman of CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. went to Delingha Gahai Wind Power Plant in Qinghai to make an investigation.

During the investigation, Li Shusheng made a detailed understanding about the exploration of wind power project of Qinghai Company, site selection for projects of Gonghe, Hainan and Chaka, Wulan as well as the wind measurement data. He also went deep into the central control room, staff dormitory and field area of Delingha Gahai Wind Power Plant to make an on-the-spot survey and went to Delingha Kunlun Huayuan office and dormitory area as well as Xining Office to conduct a field research. He had cordial talks with each presented staff to make detailed understanding about their working and living conditions.

Li Shusheng presided over the Staff Forum and fully affirmed the achievements obtained by Qinghai Company. Combined with his personal experience, Li Shusheng exchanged his views on how to strive for business, how to make a correct understanding about wind power industry and how to adopt a scientific attitude to look at the future development from the aspect of entrepreneurship development of CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. with staff.

With regard to the future development of Qinghai Company, Li Shusheng pointed out that it was the strategic layout and important direction for CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. to construct megawatt wind power industry cluster in Qinghai. Data of current combined to the grid of Gahai Phase I Project shows that Qinghai Province has a relatively abundant wind resources with good conditions. Therefore, Qinghai Company shall firmly grasp the valuable market opportunity and shall have new ideas and new thoughts when facing new situations and new tasks. Firstly, do our best for the development and construction of projects. CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. will fully support Qinghai Company to grow bigger and stronger, striving for obtaining approval as soon as possible of Gahai Phase II Project and start construction as early as possible so as to realize combined to the grid soon. Meanwhile, actively coordinate with relevant authorities of Qinghai Province to speed up the landing work of Gonghe Hainan Project. Secondly, make efforts to construct and develop the team. Qinghai Company has an average young age; thus we shall initiate a learning and working concept of “being apprentice first” and ask our staff to be modest and seek for knowledge, skills and capability so as to adapt to the rapid development of the company and grow to maturity in a very fast time, making good preparation for shouldering more responsibilities in the future. Thirdly, make strength on capability enhancement of managerial personnel. To be a qualified “master”, the management team of Qinghai Company shall make an in-depth understanding about the industry development and the internal management, strengthen planning and appraising on work performance, and especially know the decomposition of business indicators and financial targets by heart. To be an “orderly”, the management team shall also understand the needs of staff and solve the difficulties existing in staff’ working and living conditions.

All staff in Qinghai Company expressed that Li Shusheng going to Qinghai Company to make an investigation in spite of his busy schedule, brought concerns from leaders in CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. Qinghai Company will make strenuous efforts to accomplish the annual work targets with new look and new achievements in the premise of ensuring safety.