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FengXiaoning, Chairman Visited and Investigated CECEP (Gansu) Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd..

Source: CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. Author: Date:2015-06-29

On December 9, Feng Xiaoning, Chairman of the Labor Union of Headquarters of CECEP visited wind power plant of CECEP (Gansu) Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. to comfort the needy workers, accompanied by Zhang Huayao, General Manager Assistant of CECEP Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd.. & General Manager of CECEP (Gansu) Wind-Power Corporation Co., Ltd. .

Feng Xiaoning first learned running conditions of wind power generators in master-control room of Changma franchise project monitoring building of Gansu Company, inspected the work, life and spare-time cultural activities in offices, staff dormitories, dining rooms and activity rooms and listened to the introduction of labor union of Gansu Company on building of a labor union, the development of enterprise culture, team construction and scientific and technical innovations, etc.

Feng Xiaoning conveyed regards of CECEP leaders to all staffs of Gansu Company, combined site visit and inspection situations with the known reports, fully affirmed the achievements of Gansu Company in enterprise cultural construction, team construction, team management, state of operation, project construction and development, etc. He noted that, Gansu Company has an excellent management team, which not only created good economic benefits, but also provided good living and working environment, embodying humanistic management everywhere; Gansu Company should place safe operation as top priority, organize staffs to positively carry out labor competition activities and make more contribution to the development of enterprise; Gansu Company should strengthen education and training of staffs, make every effort to improve quality of staff team, rapidly develop harmonious labor relations, promote the stabilization of staff team and enterprise; Gansu Company should strengthen team construction and scientific and technical innovation, carry forward hardworking spirit and ensure the completion of central task of company. Feng Xiaoning gave out consolation money to the needy workers of Gansu Company, encouraged them to set up the confidence to conquer difficulties, reinforce learning, gain professional proficiency, work hard and share growth and development with enterprise.

All staffs of Gansu Company expressed their thanks to CECEP leaders, and said that they will continuously develop creative ideas, explore new ways and organize more skill contests and team construction activities in 2015, combining enterprise cultural construction and on the basis of photography contest, cooking skill competition, paper competition and sports game held this year. make the labor union play a greater role and grow Gansu Company into a bigger and stronger company under the guidance of CECEP and CECEP (Gansu) Wind-power Corporation Co., Ltd. .