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The First Phase of CECEP Solar Energy Khorgos 30 MW Photovoltaic Project Connected to the Grid and Started Power-generating

Source:CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Date:2015-04-16

After the hard work of eight month, the first phase of CECEP Solar Energy Khorgos 30 MW Photovoltaic Project connected to the grid and started generating electricity, which is the beginning of the new age of green energy in the fourth division.

The project locates in the industrial park of the 63rd regiment of the fourth division, occupying a land of more than 1200 mu. There are more than 120 thousand battery packs in the park with an averaging annual energy output of about 37 million KWH.The project will promote the development of related industries such as building materials, transportation and equipment manufacturing. It will also be helpful to promote job enlargement and tertiary industry, thus to improve the development of national economy and society of the region.The project will improve the regional electric power network composition and provide electric power for the regional grid.