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Zhang Jiakou Daily: the Grid-connection Project of 20 MW Photovoltaic Agricultural Power in Huailai County Is Expected to Be Completed in June

Source:CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Date:2015-06-29

In the beginning of April, the first project of photovoltaic agricultural scientific greenhouse and power station in our province- the grid-connection project of 20 MW photovoltaic agricultural power that constructed by CECEP (Huailai) Photovoltaic Agricultural Science Co., Ltd. is under construction in Tumu village, Tumu town, Huailai. The workers are constructing the agricultural scientific greenhouse steel frame. The project is expected to be completed in June.After the completion; the project can achieve an averaging generating-capacity of 28 million KWH per year. It can save 9800 tons of standard coal per year and realizes the pattern of planting in the greenhouse and power-generating on the roof.

Solar energy photovoltaic power station used to be built in isolated beach or hillside. However, this project is built on the greenhouse roof, which is quite strange.Gao Yande, Deputy Director of Huailai Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau introduced: “the walls of ordinary greenhouses have a width of 3 meters in the bottom and 1.5 meters in the upper side. But the walls of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses have a width of 6.5 meters in the bottom and 4 meters in the upper side. And the polycrystalline silicon battery packs are all installed in the northern side of the greenhouse roof in a way of fixed dipping.”The grid-connection project of 20 MW photovoltaic agricultural power consists 243 greenhouses and occupies a land of 607 mu, and is constructed with seedlings-growing multi-span greenhouses, sightseeing multi-span greenhouses, refrigerated storage and vegetable processing and producing plant.

As early as January, 2012, the Huailai government signed the framework agreement of strategic cooperation with CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In August of last year, the CECEP (Huailai) Photovoltaic Agricultural Science Co, .Ltd. was established. The company is in charge of the construction and operation of the grid-connection project of 20 MW photovoltaic agricultural powers. And the construction began in September. Meanwhile; there are 3 sets of 110KV transformer substations, 9 sets of 35KV transformer substations in Huailai with 46 electric lines summing up to 1398 KM. What’s more, the 200KV transmission and transformation project in Shacheng with an investment of 120 million Yuan is about to be completed. All these conditions are beneficial for the grid-connection and output of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse.

Dao Yande introduced: “the pattern of planting inside and power-generating outside will make the land more worthy. These greenhouses are mainly winter houses, which adopt the pollution-free planting methods to produce fruits and vegetables.”CECEP signed contract with a company from Beijing majoring in ecological agriculture. The company will manage the planting and sale of the greenhouse products, which will be sold in Beijing.