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Zhenjiang Daily: Xia Jinwen Required to Take “Four Comprehensives” as the Guidance to Open Up a New Way for Development when Visiting Zhenjiang New Area to Make an Investigation

Source:CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Date:2015-04-09

Since yesterday, Xia Jinwen, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee carried out a series of investigations around “Fulfilling the ‘Four Comprehensives’ and Promoting the Development of Zhenjiang”. As the important sector of the municipal economic development, the forefront of reform and opening-up and the demonstration area of innovation & entrepreneurship, Zhenjiang New Area became the first station to be investigated. After investigating the developing forefront and listening to the work report, Xia Jinwen required the New Area to fulfill the “Four Comprehensives” so as to promote reform and opening-up with greater efforts, achieve economic development with more outstanding achievements and construct an all-round well-off society at a higher level.

Xia Jinwen firstly came to Jiangsu Acetec Semiconductor Co., Ltd.- the largest domestic IC test company, which once independently manufactured the first set of Radio Frequency Test Equipment in China. Guided by the responsible officers of the Company, as visiting the production line and office area, Xia Jinwen asked about production and operation as well as research and innovation of the Company. When he was informed that the name of the Company means “A in the science and technology circles”, he encouraged the Company to capture the favorable opportunities provided by the country so as to achieve more innovative achievements and take the advantage of trend to become bigger and stronger and become the industry leader soon.

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. committed to R&D of photovoltaic technology and products manufacturing. The sales for last year exceeded RMB 2 billion and the profit and tax achieved RMB 0.3 billion. Xia Jinwen made detailed understanding about the Company’s production status, market space and development planning. When he heard that the expanded production faced the labor shortage, he asked the New Area to strengthen efforts to support talents so as to ensure the Company’s follow-up projects can be built and put into production as soon as possible. Then, Xia Jinwen and his delegation successively came to Fischer Aerospace Parts Co., Ltd. and Dalu General Airport to investigate the aerospace industry of the New Area. In Fischer Company, he encouraged the Company to give full play to their technical and regional environment advantages, further strengthen efforts to R&D and innovation, continually enhance the core competition and lead the development of the industry.

On the Symposium, Xia Jinwen affirmed that the New Area had a good developing trend for recent years with clear working thought and practical working attitude. For the next step, he asked the New Area to guarantee the “Four Carrying-Outs in Practice”. He pointed out that proposing the strategic layout of “Four Comprehensives” represents that the overall governance framework of the new session of central collective leadership becomes more complete and systematic. As a leading development area in Zhenjiang, the New Area needs to have a good grasp of connotation, establish a highly self conscious and carry out the “Four Comprehensives” into practice, making it as the strong logics for thinking and solving problems, guiding works and promoting practices. Xia Jinwen said that comprehensive construction of well-off society is the general goal while development is the absolute principle. Among the “Five Entering New Phases”, the first one required to enter the new phase is the economic development. Besides, among New Zhenjiang’s goals of “Strong Economy, Rich People, Beautiful Environment and High Civilization”, the first one is “Strong Economy”. He required the New Area to persevere in economic development unwaveringly, lay solid foundation for the more advanced well-off society in an all-round way and make more contributions to the reform and opening-up of the whole city.

Xia Jinwen pointed out that the “Four Comprehensives” carried out in Zhenjiang is to promote the unique development with leading ecology. As the “Spearhead”, the New Area must resolutely implement the strategic orientation. The New Area must conduct closely around striving for the first class, creating features and increasing advantages, firmly take the transition road to the high end oriented industry and build the “Upgraded Version” of the New Area with enhance quality and efficiency economy; take the reform road to promoting “Three Creations”, making popularizing entrepreneurship and innovations become common practice and stimulating the new momentum for economic development under the new normal; take the opening-up road to the “Three Internationalizations”, continually playing the leading role in the opening-up economic development; take the combining road of port, industry and city to the “greening”, constructing good ecological environment suitable for production and living and a prosperous and harmonious new area.

“Steady Endeavor” is the general tone of the city’s development. Xia Jinwen asked the New Area to tightly gaze at the key indicators, major projects, park carriers and practices concerning on people’s livelihood, strive for the achievements in the second quarter and ensure “both time and economic benefits exceed half of the annual targets”. Firmly carry out the given targets and tasks into practice and make steady endeavor reflecting more fully in the New Area. Xia Jinwen finally emphasized that the New Area must firmly carry out the working requirements of “making efforts with one mind” into practice to have stronger atmosphere of forging ahead in unity, stronger awareness of striving for the first class and stronger energy of working hard, form a good local climate which is favorable for development. Decisions made by Central Government and layouts developed by Provincial and Municipal Party Committees shall be changed into vivid practices in the New Area so as to create more features and highlights.

The investigation was accompanied by Li Maochuan, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Li Xiaoping, Member of Standing Committee and Secretary of Party and Working Committees for Zhenjiang New Area.