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CECEP Tianchen Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd. and Tianjin TEDA Low Carbon Economy Promotion Centre Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Source: Author: Date:2015-03-26

At the beginning of 2015, CECEP and Government of Tianjin Binhai New Area signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. In accordance with this agreement, both sides would follow the principles of “Complementing Each Other's Advantages, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Result, Consultation on the Basis of Equality, Propulsion on the Basis of Coordination”; commonly build the new pattern of cooperation and development.

Based on the cooperation framework agreement signed by CECEP, on March 2015, CECEP Tianchen (Beijing) Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd. affiliated to CECEP Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianchen Environmental Protection) and TEDA Low Carbon Economy Promotion Centre of Tianjin Binhai New Area (hereinafter referred to as TEDA Low Carbon Centre) successfully signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Optimal Construction project of Tianjin Development Zone, both sides will cooperate with each year in such energy conservation and environmental protection field as technology, engineering, investment and financing, consulting and training.

TEDA Low Carbon Centre is a non-profit institution established by TEDA Administration for pushing forward regional low carbon economy development, officially founded in March of 2010. The supreme goal of TEDA Low Carbon Centre was to realize the sustainable development of regional society, economy and environment, and its main work pattern was to promote information communication of low carbon economy, push forward business docking of energy conservation and environmental protection field, and expand international cooperation of low carbon, devoting its efforts to become the resources integration service platform of low carbon environmental protection field, and helping enterprises, institutions and regions to enhance their environmental competition and their leaderships for the future.

By this cooperation, Tianchen Environmental Protection would bring its own platform advantages and technical advantages into the full play, playing the important role in information communication, business docking, expansion cooperation, resources integration and promoting the regional competition of enterprise, meanwhile, expand Tianchen environmental protection business depending on the regional platform advantages of TEDA Low Carbon Centre, achieve win-win results, which implemented deeply the strategic cooperation between CECEP and Binhai New Area.