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Project of Fan Blade Lengthening and Power Enhancing of CECWPC Was Selected Officially as TNA Demonstration Project of World Bank

Source: Author: Date:2015-05-28

Recently, the project of fan blade lengthening and power enhancing declared by CECWPC to the World Bank has officially become the TNA demonstration project of the World Bank. The implementation of this project does not only enhance the brand image of the company in the industry, but also plays an important demonstration role in both enhancing technical innovation of the existing wind power farm and electric quantity.

The project of fan blade lengthening and power enhancing aims at introducing advanced foreign blade design technology and wind power load analysis technology for the technical breakthrough of blade lengthening technology of the fan set for the existing wind power farm. When the weight of blade increases no more than 100kg, increase the length of former blade so as to enhance power generating capacity by over 6%; thus the operating efficiency of the fan set of the existing wind power farm can be effectively enhanced.

TNA project is a technical requirement assessment project for China to cope with climate change, which is held through cooperation of Chinese government, the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). It is mainly designed to investigate the current status of critical technology for the fields of coping with climate change by China. On the basis of researching on the relevant technical development level of developed countries, and combining with domestic sustainable development requirement, it proposes a technical requirements list for China to cope with climate change, carries out technical requirements assessment capacity building and promotes the technical transformation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.