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North China Area of CECEP Solar Energy Technology Carries Out the Public Welfare Activity of “Protecting Environment and Striving to Be Energy Conservation Youth”

Source: Author: Date:2015-05-28

Recently, to improve the moral qualities and the responsibilities as a youth of employees, all the employees of North China Area were initiated to carry out the public welfare activity themed “Protecting Environment and Striving to Be Energy Conservation Youth”. Each company actively responded to the call and carried out various environmental protection activities in every project at every place, such as protection of water sources, elimination of rubbish and spring sowing etc. All the employees actively participated in these activities with great passion, fully developing the sprit of not being afraid of hardship and tiredness.

Colleagues of Huailai Company in North China Area came to Kuan-ting Reservoir at the Sanggan Riverside at the foot of the Great Wall. They carried out the action of protecting water sources as well as wetlands. Some of them carried with a plastic bag and some with a well-prepared long clip. They eliminated the white trash along the lake and contributed their strength for the green hills and blue waters.

Changzhi Company took the company project site – the agricultural greenhouse as the “Employees Practice Base” and organized all the employees to participate in the “Activity of Self-Planting by Employees”, sowing seeds of hopes in the spring.

Employees of Fenyang Company came to Laoye Mountain of Fenyang City with rubbish bags. They set out from the hillside and cleaned the wastes all the way. And they carried out an oath ceremony by signing. Colleagues signed their names on the banner, and took an oath of “Strive to Protect Environment and Make Contribution to Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection”!

During these activities, colleagues took various ways to clean pollution and add green to the mountains and rivers of our country, hoping these small activities may add splendor to the nature and return the original colors to the nature. However, these small actions were only the start, in our future days we should set ourselves as example at every moment to protect our beautiful nature.