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Team A of Assembly Workshop of Zhenjiang Company Affiliated to CECEP Solar Energy Technology Won the Title of “Worker Pioneer” of Jiangsu Province

Source: Author: Date:2015-05-29

Recently, Team A of Assembly Workshop of Zhenjiang Company affiliated to CECEP Solar Energy Technology won the title of “Worker Pioneer” of Jiangsu Province.

Team A of Assembly Workshop continued to further develop the team building work with the team spirit of “Learning, Innovation, Aggressiveness and Harmony”. Following the “Management by Objective”, fully respect the democratic power and motivate the working initiatives of employees. Meanwhile, insist on “7S” management of team and build the team field so as to enable the work flow to be standardized and orderly as well as the attitude of employees to maintain aggressiveness.

In 2014, the work team adopted a principle of “Improving Employee Work Skills and Product Quality as well as Reducing Production Loss and Cost” and actively coordinated with other departments. Through implementing the benchmarking activity required by the company, the team was further optimized and its building was improved so as to create the harmonious and excellent workshop. The team also took “Strict, Careful and Practical” as the basic requirements for all the work: “Strict” refers to taking meticulous standard to strictly execute requirements of the company; “Careful” refers to starting from minor matters around to control abnormality, reduce obstacle and prevent accident; “Practical” refers to being practical and realistic, laying a solid foundation without falsification and formalism so as to implement and be responsible for safety.

The honor obtained was not only an affirmation to the work performance of Team A of Assembly Workshop, but also a recognition of management system and working method of Zhenjiang Company, and even a great incentive to all the front-line employees, which could strongly drive every employee to work harder to realize the safe , harmonious and innovative production, making greater contributions to the rapid development of the company.