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Message from Chairman

In the face of ever-increasing global climate change, the development of low carbon economy and the control on greenhouse gas emission have already become the consensus and responsibility of all human beings. While making contributions to the global economy as a developing country, China persists in the basic state polity of environmental protection, promotes resource saving as well as emission reduction actively, puts forward challenging objectives, and makes solemn commitment of voluntary emission reduction.
China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group is the only one SOE which is mainly engaged in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in China. The Group has always been concentrating on energy conservation and environmental protection and devoted to energy conservation and emission reduction, advanced environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources and health industry, and the development and utilization of clean technologies and new energy. At present, the Group owns 419 subsidiaries and 6 listed companies; we are the largest, the strongest and the most competitive service-oriented scientific industrial group in the energy conservation and environmental protection field in China. I sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all trades and jointly promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Focusing on economic development and emphasizing resource and energy conservation, energy structure optimization and ecological protection improvement, let us enhance our sustainable development capacity continuously with the help of scientific and technological progress. With a clearer environment, we can make the future of the earth and human beings more beautiful and harmonious!