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Main qualification

♦ SOE Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Monitoring Center

♦ Investment Consultation and Appraisal Agency under the National Development and Reform Commission

♦ SME scientific and technical innovation fund program appraisal agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology

♦ National Engineering Research Center for Optoelectronic Devices

♦ Class A consultant on environmental engineering and municipal works

♦ Overseas project contracting qualification

♦ Engineering design qualification (Class A)

♦ Engineering consultant qualification (Class A)

♦ Engineering supervision qualification (Class A)

♦ Safety assessment qualification (Class A)

♦ Geological disaster control engineering design qualification (Class A)

♦ Geological disaster hazard assessment qualification (Class A)

♦ Geological disaster investigation qualification (Class A)

♦ Hazardous waste treatment qualification

♦ Medical device production qualification

♦ Beijing Cleaner Production Audit and Consultation agency

♦ Beijing Energy Conservation Assessment agency

♦ Special energy auditing agency of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform

♦ Consulting agency of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform

♦ Prestige of China Award (2012) ♦ Award for the Best Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Enterprise in China (2012)
♦ Lvdong · Top 10 Leading Enterprises in China (2011) ♦ Golden Bee · Ecological Civilization Award (2011)
♦ Top 100 Global Low Carbon Environment Driving Forces of China (the 3rd World Economic and Environmental Conference) ♦ Remarkable Growth Award (Frost & Sullivan) in 2010
♦ Ten Best Chinese Green and Responsible Enterprises (2009 China International Forum on Green Development) ♦ “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” (people.cn) in 2009
♦ Outstanding Social Responsibility Fulfillment State-owned Enterprises (2009) ♦ “Advanced State-owned Enterprises” (2009)
♦ Annual Brand Enterprise of China Energy saving service Industry in 2010 ♦ Key high and new tech enterprises of the National Torch Plan
♦ National outstanding construction enterprises ♦ Silver Award for Chinese Overseas Project Contractors Taking Social Responsibility (2009)
♦ Outstanding contributors of food industry upon 60th Anniversary of China ♦ National advanced learning team
♦ China Quality Credit AAA Enterprise ♦ Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises in the Water Industry in China
♦ Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in the Service Industry ♦ Excellent member unit of ESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association
♦ Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in the energy saving service industry in China ♦ Enterprise with the greatest growth potential in energy saving service industry in China
♦ Top 100 excellent independent innovation units around Bohai Sea in energy conservation and environmental protection industry ♦ “Internship Base for Youth Employment and Self-employment” of the Communist Youth League Central Committee
♦ Collective Model Promoting National Unity and Progress