In recent years, problems faced by construction of cities and towns in China in respect of environmental protection, ecological construction and economic development are interweaved and highlighted with the accelerated urbanization progress and the increased resource and environment constraints. Under this circumstance, urban development in China is also faced with various challenges: environmental quality improvement, traffic pressure relieving, industrial structure upgrading, etc. Faced with these challenges, local governments need to explore new path of low carbon ecological city construction and development. In order to meet the current requirements for energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon development and ecological civilization construction in some regions, CECEP allocates internal and external resources and integrates, guided by planning and consultation, the engineering construction, technical equipment and investment operation of different business sectors creatively so as to provide optimal integrated solutions for customers.

Guided by planning and consultation, CECEP develops integrated solutions with systematicness, effectiveness and operability through the combination of “consulting company + industry unit + financing organization”. Strategic cooperation agreement shall be signed as per the integrated solution so as to define the implementation subject, the cooperation scope and specific contents. Professional companies under CECEP are responsible for follow-up and developing working plan for specific project and implementing the plan as per the agreement so as to form integrated service. During implementation, CECEP shall provide support, coordination and supervision all the time so as to ensure the overall effect of the integrated solution.

Based on the analysis about the cooperation with different regions and the judgment made for the trend of current ecological civilization construction, low carbon urban construction, the development of new urban district, and the construction of ecological industrial park, CECEP will provides solutions under five typical conditions as per customer requirements: the solution for “urban and rural areas”, the solution for “existing urban area”, the solution for “newly constructed urban area”, the solution for “industrial park”, and the solution for “industrial enterprise”.

Advantages of integrated solutions

Real package solutions

Supported by the business in different sectors such as energy saving, environmental protection, new energy, and comprehensive utilization of resources and guided by comprehensive indicators of ecological civilization construction and low carbon development, CECEP provides all-round services covering planning/design, technical equipment, engineering construction, and investment operation.

Solutions for better future

Green and low carbon development is the core of integrated solutions provided by CECEP; industrial investment in fields of industrial energy saving, green building, new energy, and comprehensive utilization of resources will provide inexhaustible motive force for urban economic transition and growth.

More reliable solutions

CECEP is capable of implementing large-scale integrated solutions for urban/regional energy saving and environmental protection. For different regions, analysis and assessment shall be performed at first; then specific solutions will be proposed. A whole set of mechanism which can ensure the implementation of the solution is also provided internally.