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Breakthrough was Made by China New Era Group Corporation in the Research and Development of Cutting Fluid Wastewater Treatment Technology

Source: Date:2014-08-18

China New Era Group Corporation made a significant breakthrough in the research and development of cutting fluid wastewater treatment technology.

Major breakthrough was made in the research and development of cutting fluid wastewater treatment technology during construction of Shenzhen Huashui Environmental Protection Project, invested by Shenzhen Hualianfa Electronics Company Limited affiliated to China New Era Group Corporation.

The "UP-cutting fluid wastewater treatment integrated environmental protection" plant developed lately features high technology, high treatment rate, stable operation, less occupied area, less capital and low cost; it allows a removal rate for cutting fluid wastewater of COD 120,000 mg/L as 99.9%, saves more than 95% floor area compared to traditional plants such as evaporation pond and biochemical pool, decreases more than 60% capitals compared to traditional process, fills the gap of small integrated cutting fluid wastewater treatment plant at home, passes scientific achievement authentication by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council and reaches international advanced level in this field.

At the close of July, China New Era Group Corporation made a report on Shenzhen Huashui Environmental Protection Project to Yu Honghui, Deputy General Manager of CECEP, Zou Jiefu, Chief Engineer, Zhi Hui, General Manager Assistant, and other relevant leaders, to which Yu Honghui gave high appraise; the Deputy General Manager also stressed that a key technology is required for the development of CECEP. In addition, he stated three points: firstly, Huashui should make the most of the platform built by Academia Sinica; secondly, Huashui should be psychologically ready for rapid development, make constant innovation in business model, so as to realize the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection; thirdly, recognize and stick to the market trend; fourthly, develop industrial design further.

In the future, Huashui Environmental Protection Project, undertaken by China New Era Group Corporation, will expand technology promotion, accelerate the industrialization of scientific achievements, intensify internal management of company and facilitate rapid development.