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Secretary of Chaoyang District Party Committee of Shantou City and Others Visited CECEP

Source:CECEP Date:2013-07-18

On July 18, Wang Tongzhou, General Manager of CECEP met with Chen Xinzao, Secretary of Chaoyang District Party Committee of Shantou City and others in the meeting room of Jieneng Mansion. Li Jie, Deputy General Manager of CECEP also attended the meeting.

Wang Tongzhou, General Manager expressed his warm welcome to Secretary Chen Xinzao and others at first, and briefly introduced the basic situations of CECEP. Wang Tongzhou expressed that CECEP attached importance to cooperation projects with Chaoyang District Party Committee, hoped that both parties could explore appropriate business mode and push the regional ecological civilization construction.

Chen Xinzao expressed that CECEP had abundant strength in such aspects as technology and funds; Chaoyang District Party Committee would spare every effort to provide cooperation projects of both parties with quality service, look forward to starting and growing of relevant environment protection projects in Chaoyang District, and obtaining good social benefits, economic benefits and environment benefits.

Persons in charge of CECEP Cooperation & Development, Strategy Management Department, CECEP Assets Management Co., Ltd., CECEP Water Development Co., Ltd. (under preparation), China National Environmental Protection Corporation, CECEP Building Energy Conservation Co., Ltd., and CECEP L&T Environmental Technology Co., Ltd attended the meeting together.

Author:General Office