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Zong Guoying, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin City Visited CECEP

Source:CECEP Date:2013-07-12

On July 12, Wang Xiaokang, Chairman of CECEP, met with Zong Guoying, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin City and Chief Executive of Binhai Hi-tech Zone at Jieneng Mansion. Wang Tongzhou, General Manager of CECEP accompanied them and both parties conducted consultations over cooperation and development.

Wang Xiaokang first welcomed the visit of Zong Guoying and others. He said Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Tianjin could have long pleasant cooperation and close relation with CECEP. He hoped both parties could strengthen and deepen the cooperation among them through the meeting to inject fresh energy to the development of Tianjin and to bring new opportunities to the development of CECEP.

Wang Tongzhou introduced the business development state of CECEP. He said as the only central enterprise taking energy conservation and environmental protection as main business, regulated by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, CECEP was the largest technology-and service-oriented industrial group with strong capacity and great competitive ability in domestic energy conservation and environmental protection field. The rich and unique economy, policy, politics, and ecology conditions of Binhai Hi-tech Zone played an active promoting role in the cooperation between central enterprises and governments. CECEP would grasp the opportunity, intergrate resources adequately, make full use of advantages and promote actively cooperation and development. Finally, on behalf of Chairman Wang Xiaokang, Wang Tongzhou thanked Governments of Tianjin and Binhai Hi-tech Zone and Secretary Yuan Tongli for the long time strong support and high attention to CECEP.

Zong Guoying thanked for the warm reception of CECEP and introduced the development of Binhai Hi-tech Zone. He said the meeting let both parties deepen their understanding of each other, made Municipal Government of Tianjin have a more comprehensive understanding to the opening sense of CECEP in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection and enlarge the space of cooperation and development between both parties. The industrial development strategy of CECEP met the requirements of national strategy and matched closely the development strategy of Binhai Hi-tech Zone. It is hoped both parties could realize early mutual benefits in the future cooperation. Finally, Zong Guoying made recommendations on the development of CECEP in Tianjin.

At the meeting, persons in charge of related business subsidiaries of CECEP reported and docked respectively on the cooperative project. Yu Honghui, Deputy General Manager of CECEP, persons in charge of CECEP related departments and leaders of related business subsidiaries attended the meeting. Related government leaders of Tianjin and Binhai Hi-tech Zone accompanied them during the visit.

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