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Jiang Ya, Executive Deputy Major of Tongling City Visited CECEP

Source:CECEP Date:2013-07-11

On July 11, Wang Tongzhou, General Manager of CECEP, met with Jiang Ya, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and executive Deputy Major of Tongling City. Both parties exchanged on the future development of cooperation at Jieneng Mansion.

Wang Tongzhou welcomed the visit of Jiang Ya and others and introduced the development situation of CECEP main business. He said as the only central enterprise taking energy conservation and environmental protection as main business, CECEP was the largest technology-and service-oriented industrial group with strong capacity and great competitive ability in domestic energy conservation and environmental protection field. As Tongling is striding forward to the goal of declaration for national cyclic economy development city, it created many development models and more opportunities, which corresponded to the characteristics and strategic development direction of CECEP main business in many aspects. Businesses in Tongling needed to go out and CECEP also needed to introduce advanced energy conservation technologies and innovate cooperation modes continually for developing, so being strong and excellent collectively was the basic direction of mutual cooperation and conformed to the general thought and requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection. CECEP would organize a professional team to investigate in Tongling as soon as possible. Both parties would explore mutually and deepen the cooperation modes of development to create larger cooperative space.

Jiang Ya thanked first for the warm reception of CECEP and expressed the sincere desire to cooperate with CECEP. She said Tongling was a city with spirit of reform and innovation and owned rich mineral resources and firm industrial base. The cyclic economy reform since 2005 was honored as Tongling mode. But with the rapid development, transformation and upgrading of economy, energy conservation encountered new problems. Development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Anhui Province was just getting started and lacking of enterprises with technology talented person of high quality, so the development of CECEP in Tongling would improve energy conservation and environmental protection industry development in both Tongling and Anhui Province. It is hoped that both parties could reach an agreement as soon as possible and create a new model for ecological industry in Tongling to bring more extensive development space for CECEP.

The related leaders of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Tongling accompanied during the visit. Zhang Chao, General Counsel of CECEP and Chairman of CECEP Central China Industry Development Co., Ltd and persons in charge of Strategy Management Department, Enterprise Management Department, Cooperation & Development Department and Technology Management Department attended the meeting.

Author:General Office