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Wang Xiaokang, Chairman of CECEP, Met with Huang Xinchu, Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee

Source:CECEP Date:2013-07-30

On July 29, Wang Xiaokang, Chairman of CECEP, met with Huang Xinchu, Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee at Jieneng Mansion. Talks were held on promoting strategic cooperation. Yu Honghui, Deputy General Manager of CECEP attended the meeting and made an introduction on main businesses of CECEP.

Wang Xiaokang first extended warm welcome to the guests. He pointed out, although located in the west, Chengdu is the center of national industry, capital and talents, enjoys favorable investment environment and economic strength and makes the perfect place for CECEP to seek development. CECEP will clear development ideas, strengthen cooperation and support urban ecological development of Chengdu by way of regional development and concentrated investment. CECEP will, relying on the development of Chengdu, play full to its advantages, explore the western markets, drive economic development in the West and achieve win-win situation between enterprises and cities.

Huang Xinchu stated that, Chairman Wang and CECEP as old friends, has devoted a lot to the ecological development of Chengdu as well as played an active role in driving economic development of Chengdu with wisdom and strength. Chengdu has set goals to build itself into the “Core growth pole for western economy”, perform its function as “main transport hub, key industry support, major city engine, leading opening place” and realize synchronization of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and rural modernization and unity of urban form, types of business, cultural development and ecology while integrating modern industry, modern city and modern life. The goal is closely linked to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, thus establishing cooperation between CECEP and Chengdu will play a significant role in western development. He wished that CECEP and Chengdu strengthen cooperation, increase investment and seize opportunities to drive development in western areas. Chengdu People’s Government will provide high quality resources and first class service for CECEP to ensure mutual development.

Yu Honghui was making introduction on “CECEP Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction System” to Huang Xinchu and the delegation

During the meeting, principals of China National Environmental Protection Corp, CECEP New Material Investment, Sichuan Company, CECEP Industrial Energy Conservation and China Ground Source Energy Industry Group Limited made an introduction on the businesses of their affiliated companies in Sichuan. Principals of Chengdu authorities as well as principals of CECEP General Office, Strategy Management Department, Enterprise Management Department and Cooperation & Development Department were present.

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