Corporate Culture
General Requirements
1. Talent comes first.
Guided by the idea of "serving the scientific development through talents", efforts will be made to focus on the CECEP's development strategy, clarify the goal, task as well key points and aspects for building talent pool, so as to guarantee priority in the talent training, talent structure adjustment, talent investment guarantee and talent system innovation.
2. Multi-layer talent structure.
Guided by the core objective of "Building a World-class Technology-Service Industrial CECEP in Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection", efforts will be focused on the introduction and training of strategic leaders, senior managers and top sci-tech talents urgently needed for the CECEP's development so as to form a reasonable multi-layer talent structure achieving complementary advantages.
3. Rule respecting and people-oriented.
Rules for talent development are followed and talent's characteristics are understood to discover and recruit talents without overstressing qualifications. Excellent careers and favorable mechanism are established to attract and retain talents. Talent selection and appointment mechanisms are innovated and perfected constantly, especially to build a market-oriented configuration mechanism and competition platform.
4. Focus on reform and innovation for a perfect system.
Attention is focused on reform and innovation to drive the talent development. Talents are selected, assessed and stimulated in a scientific and objective manner via a well-developed market mechanism and competition platform. Effort is exerted on building a human resources operation mechanism featuring self-motivation, self-discipline and elite-filtering. The strategy of "Building A Powerful Company through Talents" will be fully implemented to boost the CECEP's core strength steadily.
The strategy of "Building A Powerful Company through Talents" (One-Three-Five strategy) will be fully implemented to build a talent team highly devoted to the energy conservation and environmental protection career, while with excellent performance, outstanding professional competence, and all-round capability that are needed for the CECEP's management improvement and transformation & upgraded. This talent team should be of sufficient number and equipped with a strong sense of mission, responsibility, and cohesiveness, and the will to fight.
To boost employee growth and drive company development.
We will build on innovation in systems to boost the orderly and all-around employee growth and drive the efficient, healthy and sustainable development of the company. We will be devoted to promote the green, cyclic and low-carbon development of CECEP and drive the ecological civilization to build a beautiful China, assure investors, satisfy customers, win the acclaim of society and bring a happy life for employees!
People First and Better Efficiency.
We believe talents are the primary resources for company development and excellent careers and favorable mechanism are necessary to attract and retain talents. We constantly pay attention to people's needs and growth, and insist on the management philosophy of people first. Efforts are made to motive talents to take initiative to work and create, which helps to improve the company's operation level and efficiency, thus achieving a win-win situation for economic value and social value of the company.