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The "One-Three-Five" strategy is promoted to build a powerful company through talents, specifically “One Picker”, "Three Pillars" and "Five teams". Centered on the system building, efforts will be made to support and drive the fulfillment of strategic goal of the support with guarantee from the three systems and goal of five talent teams.

One Picker

As a key measure of the "Building a Powerful Company through Talents" strategy, talent selection, assessment and incentive system will be innovated and perfected constantly, especially to build a market-oriented configuration mechanism and competition platform, thus offering opportunities for top talents to stand out.

Three Pillars

On the basis of building and perfecting the "Big Human Resources" management system of the CECEP, attention will be focused on the building of three pillars of human resources management & control system, talent training & development system, and human resource professional ability system, to improve the CECEP's capability for human resource management and drive the strategic transformation and management upgrading of human resources, thus making human resources the strategic support of the CECEP.

Five Teams

Five teams of leaders, professional managers, scientific and technological talents, skilled talents and versatile talents will be established and enhanced to build the core intellectual strength of CECEP and lead the overall development of the talent CECEP.