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Privacy & Security:

CECEP promises to respect and protect the privacy right of users; we will try out best to protect your personal information provided on this website.

1     Information collection

On the website of CECEP, you can order products or services, subscribe for electronic journals, request help, register and ask for materials, or participate in our activities. You have to provide necessary personal information on the website so that we can provide better product distribution service for you, help you to solve problems, and provide follow-up service after your visiting.

We will continuously improve our products and services (including registration) so as to create and provide more contents to meet your requirements. Therefore, you might also be required to provide some information such as your personal or occupational interests, family information, product use experience, and preferable contact information.

2     Information use

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. We use your information only for understanding your demands better, providing better services, helping you to complete the procurement, contacting you in the future, and updating services for your benefit. In some cases, we may also use your information to contact you to do market research or provide some product information or market information which we think you may be interested in.

3     Information control

After you provide your personal information to us through member registration, participating activities or other ways, we will never sell or rent your Personally Identifiable Information to anyone else. Once we are authorized to use your personal information and investigation information, we must keep the information confidential and not use the information for any purpose other than providing authorized services. We will not use or share your Personally Identifiable Information at will without notifying you in advance and obtaining your approval. Your approval will always be guaranteed first. We will never share your information with any third party which is not on behalf of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group or not bound by our privacy policy.

CECEP may sort or consolidate the information collected on the website together with the data from the third party and use them for promoting products or services to you.

4     Information access

In order to protect your privacy and safety, CECEP will adopt reasonable measures to verify your identity after which you can access or change information. CECEP strives to ensure the accuracy of your Personally Identifiable Information. You will also be able to access your Personally Identifiable Information and update or change the information online. If you have forgotten your account or password, please contact us for verification and retrieving.

Note: Links on the website to websites of the third party are provided for you just as a convenient service. If these links are used, you will leave the website of CECEP. Those third party websites may also collect your Personally Identifiable Information. Therefore, CECEP will not acknowledge or give description on these websites, relevant products and data, or any results obtained through using these websites. This declaration is not applicable to information convention of the third party websites linked to CECEP.

5     Information safety

We will protect the quality and integrity of your Personally Identifiable Information. We will protect the information carefully so as to prevent it from being lost, misused, accessed without authorization, tampered, and destroyed. In our company, data is stored in servers with firewall and password; the access is limited.

We will make sincere efforts and respond your request in time so as to correct your Personally Identifiable Information error. In order to correct the error of your Personally Identifiable Information, please feedback the error-containing information back to the sender, with detailed correction to be made.

6     Information of children

We will try our best to protect the information submitted by children under the age of 13. We agree that parents or legal guardians shall supervise the internet use of children; they shall teach the children that personal information shall not be submitted on the internet without their permission.