Solid waste treatment

CECEP owns the strongest treatment capacity of municipal waste and rural biomass at home. We have a series of core technologies in respect of waste treatment, rich operation management experience, and many hazardous and medical waste treatment projects.

Water treatment

CECEP is the only one state-owned enterprise engaged in environmental water affairs. We have wastewater treatment (municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater) or water supply projects throughout the country and provide services for more than ten provinces and cities; in addition, we have key technical equipment for biological deodorization, efficient biological denitrification, sludge crushing, and biological fermentation of wastewater treatment plants. The industrial wastewater treatment technology and the overall water treatment capacity of CECEP are ranked at the top in China.

Flue gas treatment

Flue gas desulfurization and denitration business (especially the magnesium desulphurization) of CECEP has reached the domestic leading level. CECEP is one of the twelve members in the first batch of BOT pilot projects approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission. We own the largest market share in the sintering flue gas desulfurization field of the steel industry. Many of our desulfurization processes have reached the international leading level, with proprietary intellectual property rights.

Soil remediation and heavy metal treatment

CECEP applied for the construction of the “State Environmental Protection Engineering Center for Industrial Contaminated Sites and Groundwater Protection” of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The Center is the first domestic soil remediation related engineering technology center at the national level; it is unique and exclusive in professional fields and regions. CECEP owns self-developed monitoring equipment for a series of heavy metal such as hexavalent chromium, manganese, nickel, cadmium, lead, copper, arsenic, mercury; we also own the international leading biological remediation of heavy metal contaminated ecology.

Environmental monitoring

CECEP is specialized in environmental and energy consumption monitoring including systems such as online pollution source monitoring, air quality monitoring, surface water quality monitoring, heavy metal monitoring, environmental early warning and emergency monitoring, and energy consumption monitoring; we also undertake the construction of corresponding information platforms. At present, CECEP has already developed more than 20 products and more than 3000 sets of equipment; its business is distributed in more than 20 provinces throughout the country. CECEP has become the leading company in the field of online monitoring and one of the first domestic enterprises obtaining both water and gas operation qualification. CECEP has developed company standards for water quality (heavy metal) monitoring equipment. With advanced heavy metal monitoring & early warning and emergency management system, CECEP has provided monitoring & early warning services for many regional groups.