Waste recycling

CECEP owns the first and only non-woven material manufacture company listed as IPO on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The company recycles waste fiber as well as petrochemical and plastic product waste and produces regenerated fiber; it is the first non-woven material manufacture company obtaining the certification of “Carbon Footprint” and SCS Recycled. In addition, CECEP can also provide high temperature industrial dedusting filter materials manufactured by wastes; it is the national environmental protection filter material development base approved by China Textiles Development Center. Using waste forest resources as the raw material, CECEP has produced hundreds of green health foods and nutritious foods by self-developed technologies and obtained hundreds of patents.

New materials

Thin film transistor (TFT) products of CECEP occupy the largest market share in the domestic market; CECEP is the first domestic enterprise capable of manufacturing v-1 off gas catalyst carrier up to Euro VI emission standard. This material represents the world’s highest level of diesel-powered vehicle off-gas cleaning technology; it is helpful for reducing the generation of pm2.5 and can fully meet the high nitrogen oxide emission requirements of countries and regions such as European countries, America and Japan. With world-class capacity for lithium battery anode material research, development and production, CECEP is also a global supplier of advanced lithium ion battery materials; it is the only one domestic supplier which supplies lithium battery anode materials for four of the world top seven lithium battery manufacturers at the same time. The sales volume of CECEP ranks the top three in the world; it is also the largest energy saving and environmental protection building material manufacturer in Asia and the second largest in the whole world.

Health industry

Guided by traditional Chinese health preservation theory, health industry group under the CECEP inherits and develops the traditional Chinese health preserving culture and “Affinal Drug and Diet” culture, and produces natural, nutritious and distinctive “Guozhen®” green health foods and household chemicals and cosmetics such as “Shareland®” and “Zhuzhen®” so as to satisfy the requirements of healthy life. At present, more than 100 products of “Guozhen®”, “Shareland®” and “Zhuzhen®” have been developed and they have won the recognition and trust of consumers depending on their excellent quality. “Guozhen®” health food has been awarded as the “Special Health Food for China Space”; the “Guozhen®” trademark has been awarded as “China Famous Trade Mark”.